#5SOSFamCardiffMeetUp – Valentine’s Meet Up!

*Editor’s Note: Ollys_Direction previously had the username Ihavethecyrusvirusx*

Roses are red,
Rainclouds are grey,
But I need someone to tell me…
Is it hi or hey?

Okay, so you probably didn’t get that little poem unless you’re in the 5SOSFam, but love was blossoming all around on one particular Saturday and not in the romantic way…

The third #5SOSFamCardiffMeetUp took place on Saturday, 15th February and this time we made it all about Valentine’s Day. Since we were left cardless and unloved on the day that celebrates love around the world, we decided that we would meet up and spread the love our way – by obsessing over those four Australians once again.

This was by far our biggest meet up ever. I mean there were about 40+ and being the one who organised it, I felt like a farmer trying to round up sheep. It was certainly challenging to manage everyone to get to different places we planned on going, but we did it. This meet up mainly consisted of six girls doing the Milk Challenge for YouTube (the rest of us cheering them on) and filming for our fan lip sync video (coming very soon – keep your eyes peeled).

We had so many new people turn up; it was amazing to meet fellow fans who share a passion for the band. Some people even gave us Valentine’s Day cards and roses so we all felt loved!

I think this meet up just proved that love doesn’t have to be just romance – we share a love for 5SOS and each other. It was amazing to see everyone come together from across the country to celebrate 5 Seconds of Summer. Bring on the next meet up!

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