5X60 Basketball

Well, 5X60 programme have done it again. They’ve made a brand new activity to get the children moving, learning and having fun. Let me introduce the newest Hawthorn High school 5X60 activity. Basketball!

Available to both boys and girls, the event takes place in the popular venue; Hawthorn Leisure Centre, every Friday at 4pm. This one hour session every week is just another great way to help children under 12 develop, physically, mentally and socially as 5X60 aims “To provide the opportunity for all young people to participate in physical activity and develop their basketball skills in a fun and energetic environment”. In conjunction with the e3+ program, a fun and friendly atmosphere for everyone to get involved.

As an added bonus it seems, there are also open sessions at £2 each running at the same venue, 5pm -6pm, so it’s not just for the kids!

So what are you waiting for, get involved by contacting Laura Edwards at Hawthorn High School (Laura.Edwards@rctcbc.gov.uk) or
Jo.Davies@rctcbc.gov.uk at Cardinal Newman School.
As the team would say, “Let’s play ball”.


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