5×60 Dance @ Blaengwawr!

The 5×60 programme @ Blaengwawr comp has given Year 10 pupils the opportunity to improve their dance skills and get creative by hosting their very own ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ competition. Following a similar set up as the televised version with a live audience and panel of judges, the girls created their own routines and were given complete creative licence to design their own costumes and mix their own music. With assistance, where needed, from the 5×60 Officer, who has a background in dance, the girls were rehearsing every break time, lunch time and after school in preparation and performed at a very high standard in the event.

Winning the competition the Yr 10 girls were given the opportunity to perform against another local school, St John’s, in which they were competing for a money can’t buy prize that would enhance their skills and allow them to experience something completely different. The girls went on the win at this event also and were rewarded with a street dance workshop in Cardiff with the choreographer of the Jukebox Juniors, who have recently featured on Sky One’s ‘Got to Dance’ and CBBC.

As a congratulations and a thank you for all their hard work and effort the girls were treated to an evening performance by the Jukebox Juniors where they were able to meet with them and ask them about their experiences and how they got to their huge success. The girls were inspired and motivated and left the performance feeling enthusiastic about continuing to commit to dancing and had a clear idea of where they wanted to go with it.

Since the dance competition at Blaengwawr School the girls have had the opportunity to audition for the ‘V Factor’ a performing arts showcase in RCT, as well as attending an audition for a new valleys Jukebox dance team. The girls are also keen to continue to dance as a group so at Blaengwawr we are creating a community dance group based in Aberdare, open to all aged 14+. The girls’ self confidence and sense of self worth seems noticeably improved, and they now feel like they belong to something, essential to girls this age.

The 5×60 programme has engaged a difficult target group through dance at Blaengwawr and the girls continue to ‘get with it’ by dancing with 5×60!!!


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