Avengers: Endgame – Movie Review


I didn’t hype myself up too much for Endgame as when I did that with Infinity War I didn’t end up enjoying it as much as I would’ve liked, however, Endgame is an improvement on Infinity War which I am happy about.

You all know the story by now (I’d hope), The Avengers come together once again but this time go back in time to recover the infinity stones before Thanos so they can bring back all those who died in the previous movie.


The performances are great as always, but the stand-out for me is Robert Downey Jr. He’s amazing in everything but he might have given one of his best performances here and I was especially sad when he did die… I love you 3000. Chris Evans (Captain America), Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and the rest of the cast (too many to list) were amazing as usual. They really bring their characters to life and you can’t ever imagine anyone replacing them.

The character development was very good except for two which I will get into later. I liked what they did with Captain America, he tells everyone else to move on but he can’t himself. Same with Paul Rudd (Scott Lang aka Ant-Man), he’s much more enjoyable in the Avengers than in Ant-Man and the Wasp, he becomes a more relatable character. Captain Marvel, Valkyrie, Wanda Maximoff only have little screen-time but what they were able to do with that little amount was fantastic.

Visuals were beautiful, I’d say it’s better looking than Infinity War. Space, costume designs, the quantum realm, planets were all gorgeous. The cinematography takes the movie to a new level by capturing these intense and beautiful moments.

The CGI was a lot better here too than in Infinity War. They didn’t use it to heavily to the point where it was noticeable… oh in case you didn’t see, Howard The Duck was in the battle too.

There were some amazing surprises too like the sacrifice of Black Widow and seeing how it affected Hawkeye was heartfelt. Other surprises included Thor getting out of shape, Iron Man snapping and Cap getting old. All of these were unexpected and I’m so glad they didn’t spoil anything in the trailers.

The humour was quite good, I laughed more than I would’ve thought which surprised me as I think humour doesn’t always work in Marvel films. The exception being Thor: Ragnarok, the funniest Marvel film to date.

It’s emotional. Marvel has hit the right emotional note with this one, from the end scene where everyone Tony has impacted in his life visits his funeral (even the Iron Man 3 kid) to the death of Black Widow. It almost made me tear up but the scene where Steve Rogers dances with Peggy, such a sweet moment.

Can’t forget about the fact that Tony has a daughter, another heart-warming aspect is seeing their relationship. It’s quite emotional but funny at the same time, and who can forget Gwyneth Paltrow finally in the Iron Man suit looking fresh.

Captain America lifting Mjolnir was one of the best moments of the movie, I loved it and seeing Thor’s reaction was a pleasure. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the beard has gone, but not to worry Cap still has AMERICA’S ASS.

The final battle let’s talk about that. It was AWESOME! Doctor Strange bringing everyone onto the battlefield with his magic, always a pleasure seeing Bucky and Falcon. It didn’t go overboard with the CGI, combined with great fight sequences, Hawkeye running with the Infinity Gauntlet, Scott Lang’s face when he sees the Wasp and finally Cap when he says… Avengers Assemble. I got chills.

It didn’t feel overstuffed for me. Everything was balanced out fairly well. Infinity War was overstuffed and was hoping that this movie wasn’t and I’m so glad it wasn’t.

Endgame is one of the most satisfying conclusions to a film franchise. We are emotionally invested in the characters, we feel their grief, pain and struggle right up to the very end.

If I had to go with which one is my favourite out of the bunch I’d have to say Endgame, it’s on par with The Avengers for me.


This is not a negative for me but we deserved five more minutes of Korg!

Now my biggest problem is Thor and Hulk. I did not like Hulk’s arc it was dull and Hulk being a professor well I didn’t like it. I know they try to make the character feel fresh instead of going stale but in my opinion, I thought they could’ve come up with a better outcome.

Thor, my favourite Avenger, this movie didn’t do him justice. He’s more comedic, maybe a bit too comedic, I felt there wasn’t enough seriousness with him and that scene with his mother I didn’t feel any emotions. I liked what they did with him being out-of-shape and having panic attacks and, there’s no need to be perfect to be a superhero but he really didn’t have any stand out moments. He “went for the head” but nothing really stood out to me about him which I am disappointed in.

I would’ve liked more world building. Captain Marvel says something like “What’s happening on Earth is happening to every planet” but we don’t get to see all the other planets. There must’ve been like riots potentially elsewhere? But we don’t see the other planets suffering which I personally would have liked to see.


Avengers: Endgame is one of the biggest movies in history and it definitely didn’t disappoint.


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