Barddoniaeth – God Complex

English version

[Gol: Am y rheswm nad yw’n bosib cyfieithu’r darn barddoniaeth hwn heb golli’r patrwm mae’r darn wedi cael ei gadw yn yr iaith Saesneg]

“For He who humbles himself will be exalted.”

But if we do not humble ourselves,
Who will?
Your “God”?
Your self-contradicting, your vengeful, your redeeming God?
Your “God”, who you reach to only in your time of need?
Your “God”, who’s ‘miracles’ never could reach the outstretched hands
Of those who’s faith and loyalty was greatest?
He, the One who’s image is imprinted on us,
Us with minds which we are expected to call our own?

Then tell me O Lord,
How can Thee be incapable of sin, when we are made in your image?
Us, who writhe helplessly under your laws and judgement,
Us who suffer at your hand,
Us who are simply expected to ‘turn the other cheek’ to our enemies who smite us?
How can humbling ourselves be considered sinful,
When you stand in your kingdom and humble yourself
To a cowering world that flounders at your feet?

Well smite me, O Lord,
For I have sinned.
For I, can think for myself.

“For He who exalts himself will be humbled.”

Gwadiad: Mae’r farn fynegwyd yn yr erthyglau ar Wicid yn rai pobl ifanc Rhondda Cynnon Taf ac nid ydynt o reidrwydd yn adlewyrchu rhai Wicid nag unrhyw un o’i gysylltiadau.

Rhywbeth i ddweud?

Pob Erthygl