My Vampire Story- Lillyana Who is she?

Lillyana was a 15 year old girl. Tall, Skinny, Blonde, Intelligent and a loner. She lived with her dad and little sister.
Lillyana was never a normal girl as you will see in the story ‘My Vampire Story’. Lillyana was trained to be a Vampire Slayer since she was 5 years old. One night something awful happened, she was turned into a Vampire (She sometimes wishes she was killed fully) but there is an advantage her powers are much better.
One night when she was ready to destroy the head Vampire she was kidnapped by two humans (Which makes no sense ask Liamjrr101) and left in a library due to explode. She was saved by two boys they did not say their names, but they helped her.

Rhywbeth i ddweud?

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