Roedd Hi’n Noswyl Y Nadolig

English version

[Gol: Am y rheswm nad yw’n bosib cyfieithu’r darn barddoniaeth hwn heb golli’r odl mae’r darn wedi cael ei gadw yn yr iaith Saesneg]

‘Twas the Night before Christmas and Jazmin was all tucked up in bed. She fell straight asleep until something hard hit her on the head.
“What the hell?” She cried. “What’s going on here?! I’m trying to go to sleep before the best time of the year!”
It was a little elf sitting on top of a shelf
“Come here, dear Jazmin,” he said,  “Let me introduce myself”.
Up jumped Jazmin with a bit of a fright
“What the hell are you doing here at this time of night?”
“I’ve come to ask you a favour” he proclaimed
“Santa has been kidnapped by the evil of the unnamed!”
“Aii, so what do you want me to do about it?” She grumbled
“I’m not being funny but if you think I’m getting up, you’re a bit of a twit!”
“But wait!” the little elf cried “Look up there, up in the sky!”
Jazmin went to the window, and saw in shock,
There was a large sleigh floating in the sky with Gemma and Tash on top!
“Come on Jazzie” Shouted Gemma “This should be a laugh”
“If I’m gonna get up there,” she replied “I’ll need a ladder the size of a giraffe!”
“Here!” Shouted Tash as she threw down her scarf, “Climb up this,you arse!”

Up Jazmin climbed and got into the sleigh.
“OUCH” she cried “I hit my knee on the way!”
Off they went in a dash.
“How do you drive this?” asked Gemma
“I’m afraid I’ll crash!”
“Oh give it here” said Tash “I’ll drive the sleigh, let me make that clear!”
They flew over the world, Japan, Italy, Spain, France, and ever popped in to see Spongebob Squarepants.
They dropped off presents here and there, for all the children everywhere.
They got to the North Pole where all the elves were scared
“If we don’t save Christmas” they cried “Santa will Fade!”
“But, we’ve all ready done the deed” said Tash “All that’s left is the reindeer to feed”
“But you don’t understand!” cried Buddy the elf
“The Evil of unnamed will kill old St nick himself!”
“Not that I’ve got anything to do with it” said Jazmin as she walked on ahead
“Well, aren’t you coming? Crimbo wont be the same if Father Christmas is dead!”

In ran Jazmin, Tash and Gem, to find good old Santa right in front of them.
He didn’t look jolly and didn’t look bright, he looked quite pale, he just didn’t look right.
“Why Santa” cried Gemma
“What’s happened here? Surely this is meant to be the best time of the year!”
“It’s the evil of unnamed” said Santa with a sigh
“If he keeps sucking out all of my magic, by midnight I will die”
Then turned around Jazmin to see something trying to hide.
“Who are you?” she asked “Why are you hiding, you wimp?”
Out crawled a boy who looked like a chimp
“I’m the evil of the unnamed” he said “and I tell you I can’t be tamed!”
“Now you’re copying Miley, you stupid jerk, now tell me who you are or I’ll hit you, you berk!”
The boy did what Jazmin asked and with a tug, he pulled off his chimp mask.

The silly boy turned to be the boy who loves stripes.
“I know who you are!” said Tash
“Now be ready to fight!”
The girls punched and clawed to save old St Nick.
“Now sling your hook” said Jazmin “Or I’ll break your nose you, and split your lip.”
The boy ran off with such a fright. He ran and ran into the darkness of the night.
“Thank you girls” said santa “You saved my life! Now how about some cookies homemade by my wife?”
The girls munched and munched. Oh those cookies were so fine! Jazmin glanced at her watched
The hours had passed, it was now Christmas morn.
“It’s time we should leave” said Gemma with a yawn.
They clambered up into Santa’s sleigh.
“It’s time to go now” shouted Tash “We best be on our way!”
Tash whipped the reigns and counted to three. They rose above the workshop and past the old grand Christmas tree.

When seven o’clock struck, Jazmin woke up in fright. Not an elf or Christmas hat was in sight
“I think I had a dream” she said as she rubbed her eyes “Yep, that’s definitely what it seems!”
She ran downstairs to see presents here and there. Then she noticed a letter left on the bottom stair.
She opened the envelope and read what was inside.
“It wasn’t a dream!” she said in surprise. It was from Santa thanking her for what she had done.
She smiled and admitted the night was pretty fun!

I hope this story brought you laughs and cheer! Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year! x

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