Deception isn’t rare in this world,
People come and go as they please
Taking little pieces of happy hearts as they leave.
What happens when all these pieces have been taken?

Do they restart at full?
Or am I left as an empty shell full of painful memories?
I guess we’ll find out soon
As the last piece has just been taken.
It seems at present I am empty,
No feelings left inside me.
What a way to die, huh?

Empty with no one to care who you once were,
Only that a life has been taken by death once again,
As that is all that seems to grasp attention nowadays.
No one cares when their breaths are steady and even,
But as soon as they stop everyone wears a mask.

“I loved them dearly.”
“They were my friends.”
“I’m so sad they’re gone.”

Then why didn’t you help when they lived?

– L.H.


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