Don’t Know How to Start Writing?

Here are a few pointers to get you going with your article:

  1. Determine your topic.  What are you going to write about?  You might already have something in mind, but if not, why not try flicking through newspapers and magazines to get some ideas of what other people are writing about, you can always write your own version.  Or just write a list of all the things that you’re interested in and choose the best one for an article.
  2. Your audience.  Remember that when you are writing for Wicid you are writing for people between the ages of 11 and 25.  They are young people just like you, but as you know not everyone likes the same things, so try to write about your topic objectively so that other people will want to read your article.
  3. Do your research. It is always worth doing some research about your topic before you start writing, you will find it easier to write and your writing will sound more confident.
  4. Decide how long your article will be.  There is no word limit for articles on Wicid, but it is good to think about how much you want to write.  A good article should be concise but not too short you don’t want to bore your readers, but you need to provide enough information to get your point across.  A good guideline length is about 300 words.
  5. Think about your sources.  It is always good to include some of your sources in an article if you can, that might be a useful website that readers might like to look at, or some quotes from an interview that you have done.  It gives the article more interest and backs up your opinion.
  6. Write an outline or summary of your article. This will help you focus on the article, and to organise your content so that the story makes sense to the reader.
  7. Write your first draft.  Make sure your article has a beginning, a middle and an end.  Remember that you are telling a story to people who don’t know yet what your opinion is or what research you’ve done.
  8. Redraft your article for presentation.  Check your facts, and check your spelling and your grammar.  Before submitting your article, read over it to make sure you are getting your point across clearly.  Eliminate “fluff” – if you’ve said the same thing more than once, you can probably take some text out.  A great tip for checking the text in your article flows smoothly is to read it out loud to yourself, if you find it difficult to read, you probably need to change the wording/add some grammar!
  9. Get your content submitted.  Make sure you have all your content ready to submit to Wicid, including any photos and videos that you want to put with it.  Once your article is submitted to the site, the Wicid team will be checking it to make sure there is no unsuitable content or copyrighted material that we cannot publish, but if all is well, your article will appear on the site up to 48 hours later!


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