Dragon Pro Wrestling: Beyond Good or Evil (4/2/18) Review

It has been awhile since I done of these huh? Well, not reviews, but a review on the little Newport promotion that could… Dragon Pro Wrestling! They have held MANY shows since my last published review on this site, but I have been volunteering as ring crew at most of those, so I was too busy to take note of key moments that happened in them to post a full review of them.

However, this time they had enough volunteers beforehand so I was not able to help. It happens; I was too busy with other issues to show immediate interest. But on the bright side, this meant I could still support them by buying a ticket, and of course, writing a review!

Now as I am still associated with Dragon Pro through their Wrestling academy, my views will be slightly biased so I’ll just throw that out there. But the words I use are truly sincere and meaningful, so I’m not just throwing them out for the sake of throwing them out. I’ll keep my views as impartial as I can.

Now with that said, I managed to go to the show with a few members of my University’s Professional Wrestling Society. Yes, the University of South Wales has one of those? You know, since I created it. (This isn’t a plug to try and get reads from the Uni to join us. Nuh. NOT. AT. ALL.) They all got VIP tickets to enter a few minutes earlier and say hi to some of the talents there. One of which was the current (as of writing this) WWE United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne. I know one of the girls I was with was super fangirling over him, so she was for sure excited for this show, celebrating her birthday a few days early.

The show started with Ben Harris introducing us to the ring announcer of the evening, the ever sweet and lovely, Jaida Roberts. She got right to the opening match, which featured another big name that people were excited to see.

6 Person Intergender Tag Team Match – Wild Boar, Kaggy & Posada defeated Mark Andrews, Sierra Loxton & Beano

This was quite the interesting opener. Long time friends (Mark & Boar), vicious rivals (Sierra & Kaggy), a mysterious wildcard in Posada, and one #ManLikeBeano. With this being an intergender match, the guys and girls could fight each other, which there was a fair bit. Boar was giving Sierra a hard time, Kaggy was creeping out Beano to the point of fear laughing, Sierra was getting the best of Posada, and a few more combination of weird matchups. They all worked fairly well together as well, particularly Boar & Kaggy, with British Wrestling’s Creepypasta having some weird trance over the Boar of War. I mean Boar has always been savage, but since Kaggy has been lurking behind him, he’s just been even more ruthless with whoever he is in the ring with.

Everyone had the offensive moments, Mark with his insane aerial prowess, Beano with his showboating and agile offence. Sierra and her hip attacks. And then you had the aggression from Boar and Kaggy, and even the unpredictability of Posada. In the end, Boar hit the Trapper Keeper (his Package Piledriver) on The Freaky Princess (Sierra) for the pinfall victory. Not the brightest start to the show, but it was certainly a very well fought bout.

Also, in related news, if you want to see more of Mark Andrews, you can actually see him take part in WWE 205 Live’s Cruiserweight Championship Tournament next week. He will be taking of Akira Tozawa in one of the first round matches. Fellow WWE UK Division Star Tyler Bate didn’t have much luck against TJZ, but Mark has the backing of all of Wales behind him. He has said he is dedicating the match to all of us, and we hope he pulls through the first round and beyond! Make sure to stay tuned next Tuesday on the WWE Network to see how he does!

Sorry, little plug done. Carrying on with the show!

Mike Bird defeated Bishop with Kade Callous

The founder of Dragon Pro, Ginger Jesus himself, Mike Bird was up next against The Syndicate’s Bishop, alongside a newer face part of the faction in the highly acclaimed Kade Callous. The inclusion of the menacing Callous worked in favour of Bishop as he tried to interfere and attack Mike whenever he could. Bish was also equally as brutal in his heavy offence. But Mike had his usual wit and sharp chops and technical skills. Mike was also to power through the numbers game and eventually defeated the angry Bish with his Gotch-Style Piledriver finisher for the pin.

Next Wave Trophy Scramble – Matt Horgan defeats Cal Adams, Dean Winters, Jay Jewells, Josh Holly and Sofia Ari

This was a big moment for all of the upstarts of Dragon Pro as they were competing to crown the FIRST EVER winner of the Next Wave Trophy. Essentially this (literal) trophy would be used similarly to the WWE Money in the Bank or Lucha Underground’s Gift of the Gods Championship. They can keep the trophy if they want, OR they can exchange for any title of their choice! So the All Wales Championship, Dragon Pro Tag Team Titles, or even the (MIA) Celtic Crown Women’s Championship.

This matchup could have done either way as everyone had big moments that had them close to victory. Matt and Josh were separately sneaky in their manoeuvres, Cal used his technical prowess and quick moves, Dean used his power to turn the tide on many occasions. One of the biggest moments involving him Powerbombing BOTH Cal AND Sofia while they were double Superplexing Horgan from the top rope! Jay also was quick with his strikes and even had a big power moment by lifting Winter only his shoulders and hitting a TKO on him! Sofia was also very quick in her offence and seemed to have the match one after she executed her always breath-taking Moonsault from the top rope. However after she landed this, Matt Horgan rushed in and threw Sofia out and took the pinfall victory.

It’s safe to say the people weren’t happy the first trophy winner was crowned in such a way, but it is what it is. Now it’ll be interesting to see if/when Horgan will cash-in his trophy for a future title shot. Until then, he will have to defend the trophy in every match he takes part of in Dragon Pro.

Pete Dunne defeats Brendan White

This was one of the main matches everyone came to see, mainly cause it involves a very rare appearance by the current WWE UK Champion, The Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne. The Suplex Slinger, Bronco Brendan had one of his biggest challenges for sure. Pete was as sick as he is known for, especially when he went after damaged Brendan’s arms and fingers in horrific ways. There were a few very loud supporters of Brendan behind us and Pete would constantly mock them in the most pratish way possible. His expressions were priceless during these moments. Oh Pete, it can be hard for some to like you, but it’s surely impossible to hate you. Pete dominated most of the match for the first three quarters, but Brendan was able to power his power around and turn the tables on the Young and Bitter Dunne. Brendan came back with good support from the crowd as he made use of his Suplex Slinger nickname. He even hit his Spinning Side Slam finisher for a near fall. Whatever Pete had to throw at Bronco, he would just keep getting back up. He even kicked out of Pete’s Bitter End finisher, which very few people ever kick out of! But unfortunately, it was a Tombstone Piledriver straight after this that secured a victory for the highly acclaimed visitor.

After the match, it seemed Pete would attack Brendan, but instead, in a rare moment of respect, the two bumped fists and Pete raised Brendan’s arm. And the people joined the UK Champ in celebrating Bronco achievement after a truly amazing match up. If he didn’t have them before, Brendan certainly made believers out of those who saw this match. He did a brilliant job, and we can only hope he gets more opportunities like this going forward.

Next was a quick intermission for people to cool down and meet some of the stars. Posada was apparently running a charity representing the MIND Charity, so that was a very commendable thing for them to promote. But of course, there was a MASSIVE queue for people to see Pete, because, well, it’s Pete Dunne.

Dragon Pro Tag Team Championship – The Brotherhood (Elijah & Joe Mezinger) retained against Oliver Sudden & Jeff Ramsey

Another team attempt to dethrone The Brotherhood, who have been in their tag team title reign for near a full year at this point. The crowd was very much into the duo of Oli and Jeff with multiple chants in musical nature for ‘Toon Town’s Favourite Wrestler’ (Oli). Jeff also got some genius ‘Sexy Jesus’ chants, though I’m sure those religious enough wouldn’t be too fond of the unintentional blasphemy.

Elijah got some ‘Where’s the Passion gone!’ chants due to his work with Attack! Pro Wrestling, and much like there, he was just as vicious in his fast-paced offence. Mezinger was also just as brutal with a much heavier offence. Oli had the heart and support of everyone behind hit, as well as some heavy hits of his own. While Ramsey brought his hybrid offence style to shake things up when he was in the ring.

In the end, however, the streak of The Brotherhood continued to reign supreme here after a Wheelbarrow DDT / Suplex combination to retain their titles. So many teams have attempted to challenge them for the titles up to the past year, and with them going over the 365 day mark soon and there being fewer and fewer current teams in Dragon pro to oppose them, it seems they may be holding onto the titles for another year more. Will there be a new set of challengers to finally take the titles away from them? Only time will tell.


Big Grizzly defeated Desmond Reg Leake

This was an interesting one. Big Grizzly came out to issue and open challenge, and the response was… the Match of the Day theme song? And then out came Reg? Or should I say, Desmond Reg Leeke, the same way he did at Dragon Pro’s Sunday Night Slam last month, to those that went to see it or heard about it in Cathays? He was decked out in football gear and played about with a football. Now before this match started, he challenged Griz to a quick game of goalies. If Griz won, they would have a wrestling match, and if Reg one, we would have a football match!

Safe to say (for everyone involved) Griz won the game of goalies, Reg didn’t, and not a soul was hurt in the process, except for Reg’s pride of course. Now the wrestling match itself had Reg make lots of kicks as you’d expect from a new football-themed persona, as well as some high pitched squeals. Unfortunately for the young Goldenballs (yes, that is actually his nickname), Griz’s sheer power and experience proved to be the better as he soon ended the match with a Sit-down Chokeslam and the pinfall victory.

Dragon Pro All Wales Championship – No Disqualification Match – Danny Jones retained against Jimmy Havoc

And here we are, the main event! And one that carried on from the previous show where Danny Jones, the NEW All Wales Champion successfully cashed in a title shot opportunity against Havoc, who won the title in dirty fashion the same night he won it. Tensions were high, so high that the people in charge made this match No Disqualification. And when you have matches with no rules involved, you KNOW Jimmy Havoc is going to go all out. And boy did he!

This was a true challenge for the young Dragon Heart as many weapons were used throughout. Steel Chairs, Ladders, bodies being slammed through ladders, on top of the ladder, from the top of ladders. And also a staple gun which was used on Havoc’s head a few times, and even on Danny’s, um… sensitive area. Let us just say that. Jimmy made use of everything he could, even taking apart the lower rope and choking Danny with it. He also unveiled the padding and mat of the actual ring, exposing it in hopes of doing terrible damage to the current champion. But Danny had the crowd behind it through all of the hardcore violence, and when all was said and done, Danny hit his Piledriver finisher on the frame of the exposed ring to retain the All Wales Title.

After the match as Danny tried to get his bearings back, it looked like Havoc was going to attack the retaining champ with the stapler gun again. But instead, he raised his arm, showing some sportsmanship to the young Dragon Heart.

So yeah, that was the show! Hopefully I wasn’t as long-winded as I usually am, and hopefully, it was informative enough for people to digest without rambling on for way too much. I am not sure when the next Dragon Pro show will be. Whether it will be a main show at The Neon in Newport, or if it will be another Sunday Night Slam in Cathays in Cardiff. So the best thing to do would be to keep track of everything Dragon Pro related on their social media sites. They also make other announcements related to names linked with them. Like Mark Andrews taking part in the WWE 205 Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, or Danny Jones taking part In the PROGRESS Wrestling Natural Progression Series 2018 Tournament. Stuff like that.

So that’s me done for now until whenever I report on something next, hope to see you all soon!

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