Fabric World Trip

Now I am aware that most of you would think that a trip to Fabric World in Treforest would not be along the same excitement value as paint-balling, but for those of you peeps who are interested in fashion design, it is the place to go. Really it is. Friendly staff and everything.
Designing things to wear on paper is great fun, but to actually go and see the different fabrics, their compositions and care labels and to see how they ‘fall’ and ‘flow’ can make all of the difference. After all most people do not want dry clean only garments, so many furs are out for that purpose, yet a fur jacket is very much a must and the dry clean process will help keep the fur from getting matted and unsightly.
Nicol had great fun when she visited the shop on Monday 21st of half term to help her complete an OCN in fashion design, and the fabrics gave her ideas for additional designs.


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