Hawthorn Cluster Update!

Hi Guys,

Lots has happened since our previous update in the cluster of Hawthorn. We recently we took part in a 12 mile trek over the Rhondda mountains alongside Duke of Edingburgh in order to fundraise for Ty Hafan. The event was staffed by Adam Gordon, Stacey Oliver and Liam Way from the detached team and the day was a major success, with everyone completing the trek and having a fun day. The walk was a practice run for the actual event which takes place in a few weeks time, and the same members of the detached team will be present for this. This was a great day and was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

5 a–side football is still going strong, which is staffed by Adam Gordon, Leon Bansall and Martin Bewick. Each session has on average 12 participants. New faces are coming all the time and the project is still running from 5pm-6pm The cluster of Hawthron will soon be playing Porth cluster and has been arranged by Adam Gordon and Ryan Strong.

Half term was a major success with a quad-biking week was run by Stacey Oliver at Taff Valley which was organised by Stacey Oliver and was OCN credited. The project was set-up as a result of many young people purchasing motor bikes in the last three months. Other half term activities included go-karting in cardiff which was organised by Pontypridd High E3 & Lasertag at Taskforce, cowbridge in which young people from the Hawthorn participated. There was also a successful fun day at Cardinal & Newman High School, which included such things as theatrical art, healthy food, health and safety and drug and alcohol stalls for the community. The day was a major success and showed what the cluster has to offer and was very well attended.

There is also a Community Employment Course which is being run at Michael Sobell Sports centre from March 21st – March 25th, in which seven young people from the Hawthorn cluster are attending. The course will cover such aspects as first aid, fire safety, alcohol awareness, food hygiene, risk assessment and maunel handling and is a recognised employment for Young Peopel


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