How Do You Celebrate Christmas?

I thought I’d just start a topic to talk about. How do you celebrate your Christmas?

Me? It actually all starts on December 23rd! It’s a family tradition (or so my mother says) that we open the Roses tin on December 23rd. Then, Christmas Eve, it’s getting everyone’s Santa sack ready by filling them with their presents. At dinner time, I go to visit my little cousin, Nicholas, and watch him get excited with Christmas spirit! In the evening, my Brother and Sister come to visit and we have a Christmas tea together and share memories, have a laugh and be a little naughty by opening our presents from each other then instead of Christmas day! (Teehee!) After that, my gran comes over to stay, we watch a movie (I’m voting to watch that new Shrek Christmas film… the one about Donkey) and have tea together.
Of course, come bedtime, despite being 15, I can’t get a wink of sleep (Mainly because my gran and stepdad are snoring their heads off : ) so I end up on my phone on Facebook to my other friends who won’t sleep.

Around 6am, I wake up and wake the others up to go and open presents. My mother makes me eat breakfast before opening presents, so my step-dad can go and pick up my dad from his house so he can come up and have fun, too. After us all opening presents, we fiddle around setting up any electronic presents, then get ready do go for a meal down The Lord Tonypandy. Then it’s home and watching the soaps! I wonder what Eastenders DOOF DOOF it will be this Christmas day?

How do YOU celebrate Christmas?

Have a WICID Christmas! x x x


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