How to Start Blogging

Writing for Wicid is loads of fun and that feeling when your article goes live is amazing! But if you’re really passionate about doing that bit more writing and other sides to blogging, maybe it’s time to start your own blog.

You may be completely new to the whole concept of blogging or perhaps familiar with some blogs such as Zoella’s or Tanya Burr’s own blogs. A blog is basically like your own little website where you can write and post whatever you want! You could run it alone or even have some friends, whichever you prefer.

Now, how do you start a blog? It’s pretty easy, actually.

1. Decide what you want to blog about. Sport? Music? Fashion? Lifestyle? The list is endless. Personally, I cover a multitude of things because I have so many things I’m interested in and would like to have a say on. That’s fine, too!

2. Pick a name for your blog. For me, this was the tricky bit! It can be pretty much whatever you want it to be called. I decided to call my blog “All That Jazmin” because it’s like “All That Jazz” (the song from Chicago and just a general saying) but to make it personal to me, I just put my full first name. If you’re stuck, don’t worry. Lots of websites and other bloggers have advice online – just Google ‘how to come up with a blog name’.

3. Choose a blog platform. The two most popular blog platforms are WordPress and Blogger. You can have a look at both websites and see which you want to use. I personally chose WordPress as I had made an old blog years ago (which we don’t talk about anymore!) on Blogger and wanted to try something else. WordPress for me is much easier to use and a lot of other big blogs use it, too.

4. Design your blog. This is the fun bit. Following the website’s instructions, you can easily customise your blog to what you want it to look like. It may take a while until you’re 100% satisfied with how it looks, but that’s okay!

5. Write a blog post. Here’s where it all begins. Write your first blog post! It can be just a simple introduction to yourself or you could just start sharing your opinions right away. If you ever get stuck for content ideas, you can always Google blog post ideas or maybe use Bloglovin for some inspiration. Think about what you would write for Wicid, that’s always a good way to start!

6. Create Social Media pages. Time to let everyone know about your blog! You can create a Facebook page, Twitter account and even an Instagram account to promote your blog. Get all your friends and family to like and follow, so they can see whenever you post.

There’s a lot more to learn about blogging and it can even potentially become a paid job! But you’re just at the beginning of your blogging journey, so have fun and experiment – everything is up to you.

If you start a blog, make sure you let us know on Wicid and tell us about your blog so we can check it out. And be sure to check out mine too over at Happy blogging!


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