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Taff East Forum

Now that COVID restrictions are no more we are returning to our local area youth forums. What does this mean for you as a young person?! You’ll now find it easier to access regular face to face meetings with your local YEPS forum lead, to plan and discuss events and issues highlighted by yourselves in the local area. These forums will actively look to arrange events and projects improving the environment, lived experience and knowledge of young people in their surroundings.

Our exciting forums will allow all young people to participate in various topics throughout the year, changing between Mental Health, Environment & Sustainability, Equality & Diversity, Community Safety projects and new areas of concern as they wish.  

If you are interested in being involved in your local area youth forum please get in touch through the information above or speak with your YEPS worker. 


  • 07/03/23
  • 04/04/23
  • 02/05/23
  • 06/06/23
  • 04/07/23
  • 01/08/23

Times: 5-7pm 

Venue: Pontypridd Library, 1 Llys Cadwyn, Taf Street, Pontypridd, CF37 4TH

Staff Lead: Louisa Walters









Contact details:07385370314/ louisa.walters@rctcbc.gov.uk