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Mytton Sanneh, 18, from Wolverhampton has just exploded onto the urbanand pop scene. You may remember him from Britain’s Got Talent when he was inteen boy band ‘New Bounce’ and made it all the way to the final and ended up comingthird. Three years on, Mytton (MJ) has decided to go solo and is now writing musicwith multi-Platinum-selling producer DarrenMartyn who has worked with the likes of Tinie Tempah  M.O, Krept NKonan, Melissa Steel and many more.

Mytton has also been in the London’s West End production of ThrillerLive playing King of Pop, MJ, himself! He has also performed at eventsalongside Tinchy Stryder, Olly Murs, Miguel and Bluey Robinson,

We were lucky enough to get an interview with the talented musician.


Hello Mytton, welcome to WICID, and welcome to Wales! Just wondering, have youever been to Wales before?
Hey hey, thank you! And yeah I’ve been to Wales a few times when I was younger – it’s a beautiful place.

So before we start, you’re 18 years old, a year older than me! And already youhave had a very busy life, tell us about that and a bit about you.

Hey, I’m Mytton Sanneh, a singer songwriter from Wolverhampton! The music I’mdoing is something that hasn’t really been done before! It’s a RnB grime crossover, so with hard dirty beats but a smooth RnB flow over the top.

You appeared on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ back in 2011 in teenage boy band ‘NewBounce’, what was it like to be on stage in front of the judges? 
It was an incredible experience! It’s a great platform to launch yourself intothe industry and the judges are all great!

Besides BGT, what else have you done?

When I was 9 I did a West End show, ‘Thriller Live’, which is a tribute toMichael Jackson. I went on tour all around Europe and the U.K. I did this untilI was 12 then hit BGT!

Since then you have decided to go solo. You are doing a great job; I am a fanof your remix of ‘Catfish – ‘Ghetto Kyote’. Is singing the career you alwaysaspired to fulfil or did you have other options in mind at a younger age? 
Nah, it’s always been singing. I mean I couldn’t see myself working behind adesk or something like that, It’s just not me! I love to be on stage flyingabout inspiring people.

Now, I heard that you’re a fan of ‘Game of Thrones’, do you like any other bigdramas that have been on TV this year? You played Michael Jackson in London’sWest End production of Thriller, so did it cross your mind to become an actor?
Oooooh my! Game of Thrones is amazing!! I’m also a big fan of ‘The WalkingDead’, I’ve been watching that for years. I’ve always done singing, acting anddancing but being an actor was never as big a passion as singing.

What is your music based on then? Is it from personal experiences?
It’s from personal experiences and also other peoples. I like to write aboutreal things that people can relate to like ‘CATFISH’ because these days thereare so many about.

I think your R&B/Grime music could become very popular in the South WalesValleys, not many people have heard of you around here, however let’s hope thisinterview will get people to follow your music. The Valleys have seen betterdays, a lot of young people around here feel that there are not enoughresources locally to help them with their careers, what would your advice be tothem?
If you have a dream, chase it! N body can stop you… if you push and push andreally want something you can do it!

Who in the music industry currently do you look up to?

Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Usher and of course the King, MichaelJackson

So summer is here! We have had some great weather recently along with great music!Personally I love Alan Walker’s ‘Faded’. What’s your favourite song at themoment?

Mmmm that’s a tough one, I’d say ‘Controlla’ by Drake.

How has your life changed now? And what future plans do you have in store?
WellI’ve got a school tour coming up, an EP, singles will be dropping and theneventually an album.

Right, forgive me but I am very political! You are 18, therefore you canvote on the important question, whether Britain should remain in the EuropeanUnion or leave. Do you follow politics or the news? Do you think it isimportant for younger people to have a say on their future?
Yes I’ve voted butI won’t be telling. I do it by post because I’m always busy!

It has been great getting to know you, I would like to thank you on behalfof myself, and indeed We wish you the very best of luck with yourfuture, hope it goes brilliantly. In Welsh, thank you is ‘Diolch yn Fawr!’ 

It’s been amazing. Diolch yn Fawr!

Remember that you can follow Mytton (MJ) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram andSnapchat. Links follow:

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