Isolation – A Poem by Megan Thomas

The worlds gone into lockdown, no one quite knows why. The streets are almost empty and many loved ones have started to fly.


A pandemic has began, a virus has been spread. It’s disguised as the flu and many theories have been said.


People are stuck at home, whether its with family or alone. Food has little supply, as people start to panic buy.


A scary time is upon us, we all need to be strong. But if we all listen and keep safe, this won’t go on for long.


Key workers help us all, the NHS is overworked and stressed. So please dont criticise them, they are doing their best.


Isolation is hard and boring, but there are many things that can be done. Find activities and educate yourself following the rules protects everyone.


You may feel down or anxious and a little scared but if we support each other through these tough times, together our strength can be shared.


Call your family and friends, make sure that the ones you love are protected. Distance yourself but keep making the effort to always stay connected.


A change of routine can be hard to manage but can help breakdown your day. Keep your mind active, find fun things to do and be creative in your own way.


Loved ones have battled and lives have been lost in a fight to not get infected. Don’t take the risk, follow the rules and work together to stay protected.


Keep safe and be strong this will be over soon. Stay inside, wash your hands and shortly we we will be dancing outside to a merry tune.


By Megan Mai Thomas


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