Letters Not To Be Sent:- Letter 4

Hello there,
You’re probably wondering why I’m writing to you considering I could just Facebook you. Well, I just felt like writing it all down, despite the fact that you will never actually read this. Anyway
I want to tell you how much I miss you. I know, it’s silly. I’ll be seeing you in a couple of days and we can always talk whenever, providing you’re not in work or university or spending time with your girlfriend and housemates, but I just miss the old days, you know? Remember when we were little and we were just us? Not shy? You’d wind me up and then I’d pester you back? I miss those days. I don’t like the fact that we’ve grown up – Well, I say that when I’m alright with growing up, but I mean I miss how we can’t act like we used to. You’re all grown up now, in university, you have your girlfriend, your house, your job and believe me, I’m so happy for you, but I feel like well like we’re strangers now. Remember when we were in Florida and we were winding up your dad? And we were dancing around in the boiling rain (yeah, that seems weird to me, too) without a care in the world and when I was too scared to go on the “big kids” rides, you said “Shut up, Jazz, you’re almost a big kid now and you’ll be fine with me!” and all the other places we’ve been and things we’ve done – Camping, caravans, Disney, you sleeping up our house the list could go on really. Well, I miss those days so much. Sometimes I wish that your girlfriend would go to visit her family for a while and then you can come up and we can just talk and hang about. That sounds so vain, and I don’t mean to sound it, but I just miss you. I know we’ll never act like the young and foolish clowns we used to be, but well I just miss you. Can’t blame me really, you’ve been in my life since I was like six months old? Practically my whole life.

While we’re here, I feel like I should apologise for being a pain in the butt sometimes when we were younger- like the time you and the kid next door were blocking the stairs so I couldn’t get passed, so I just pushed you down them. That was wrong of me and I’m sorry! And I’m sorry for the times I nagged to use your Playstation, play with your WWE action figures to make them part of my Barbie doll’s family, nicking your toy snake to use for my school project and all the other silly things. I’m also sorry for the arguments we had. I think the most childish one we had was when we were on our way home from Scotland, I got bored so I began hitting you with my empty water bottle. At least, I think it was me who started it. Could have been you! But I shouldn’t have hit you back. But I guess they are some memories that we can look back on and laugh at. I mean it’s not like you’re holding a long 10 year grudge on me for those things – well I hope not anyway!
Ack, I’m rabbiting on again, aren’t I? Sorry! You should know by now that I do that a lot. Anyway, I hope someday soon, we can just hang out for a while and not be all ‘awkward’ around each other. I don’t biteanymore! (Another thing I should apologise for biting you when I was 5) And I know you don’t, either. So just talk to me, mun, like the old days! I miss you lots.

2 thoughts on “Letters Not To Be Sent:- Letter 4”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ah this is lovely. It’s a shame that these things happen. I mean I haven’t seen my brother in 2 1/2 years!

    One thing I have to say on this though, is that you say ‘Sorry’ way too much! You don’t need to say sorry for rabbiting. It’s your letter, you can write as much as you want!

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Ollys_Direction says:

    I always say sorry too much, you know that fully well. But thanks anyways haha x

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