Man Skates Off Eiffel Tower And Into Record Books

Picture the scene…

You’re in Paris. You are taking a stroll close to the Eiffel Tower. But, there’s a crowd forming around the monument. What could this commotion be over?

You walk closer. The crowd expands further around the structure. You hear chants and applause…

Then, you see him.

You see a man, preparing to jump of the French landmark.

So, why was there so much support for his return to ground level?

Well, obviously, he was going to throw himself from the bottom section of the tower dropping ten metres before landing on a thrifty metre high ramp. Can’t believe I didn’t see that coming…

Taig Khris, an extreme sports inline skating champion, broke a world record on Saturday by jumping off the Eiffel Tower.

And all I did was attend the Clic Residential…

It wasn’t plain sailing for the ‘Ramp Warrior’, as on his first attempt he lost his footing on landing. Though, credit to the dude, he had a second go, and found his feet and entered the record books for the highest jump on rollerskates ever to take place.

After the jump, Khris said “Two years non-stop, I didn’t sleep for nights and nights for that small moment up there and now, as you can see, I made it so that’s cool.”


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