Modern Warfare Season 4, A review

Modern Warfare season 4, A 10.99 Price tag to play as the Price?

Price has a triumphant return in the latest call of duty campaign but what do they do with this new goodwill? Throw it away by making him a bonus when you buy the battle pass, It’s tricky to slip up without soap yet here we are.

Gameplay – 8

Modern warfare remains a solid first person shooter to carry us through the last summer before the series x and PS5, yet they muddle the playfield by cutting this season a month shorter to fit in 2 more seasons before the next call of duty, The Vector makes a surprise return as the gun of the month, firing stupidly fast and turning core into hardcore for anyone wielding the beast, The Grau finally gets a recoil nerf and the RPG gets a buff in Warzone now instantly downing enemies in one shot no matter the armour.

Would you like some skins with that? – 5

As I mentioned earlier the Battle Pass makes a return for season 4 bringing us Captain Price as the Title operator when you buy the battle pass, another 100 tiers another 80 skins or cosmetic variants, welcome to 2020 gaming, They seemed to have slowed the grind this season too making it harder for a casual player to gain pass tiers, you can still buy tiers at £2 each, another season another disappointment, got a cool 1911 skin this season though so swings and roundabouts I guess

New Weapons – 8

Season 4 brings some fan favourite weapons back such as the Vector and The Barrat 50. Cal, the season also brings and out of left field assault rifle called the CR56 Amax which seems like a modern rendition of the ACR however I could be wrong, the season is the first to bring a new melee weapon into the game under the name of kali sticks, these weapons are up to the new standard call of duty holds with a high level of customisable attachments and a new set of camos for you to unlock.

New Maps – 6

This season brings another cut and paste from the warzone map with the Scrapyard remaster and another chunk of the warzone map is now playable with Promenade getting the ground war treatment, not much to say about these maps they have just been cut out of the massive warzone map and dropped into multiplayer as a sad excuse for DLC, However its not all doom and gloom as we have 2 brand new maps, one already in the game under the name of trenches, it does what it says on the tin, its a 3v3 map similar to the shooting range level from hitman absolution, the last announced new map is Chesire Park but that drops into the game during the mid season refresh so I sadly have no information on that map yet.

I’d like to add that the game is still a solid 8/10 in my eyes, call of duty can never really do wrong, its one of those games I’d still pickup and play if it’s 10 years old or 10 days old, it’s a staple of gaming and I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon,


See you in the Warzone fellow Operators.


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