Monologue:- The Girl Alone

Walking through school to get to lessons, I feel so alone. Like I’m in my own world a million miles away from the rest. Away from what I want my life to be like. A life where I actually fit in with the rest. There’s a sea of pupils coming from left, right and centre, pushing past going to their next lessons. They’re all giggling and talking to one another. It feels like they’re talking about me. I don’t know why I think that, but I do. I guess I’m paranoid. I feel as if I stick out from the rest like a sore thumb. They all hang around in their own little cliques. I just wander around alone and talk to whoever seems to be bothered to talk to me.
I clearly stick out to them, too. The “Popular” boys are parading around the school as if it was their own territory. They share little private jokes and laugh their own popular laugh whilst playing the popular kind of music people as popular as them would listen to. They seem to adore making me feel humiliated in front of their popular friends and anyone else near by. They pretend to flirt with me by blowing kisses, winking and stupid things then laughing at me. Others just find it funny to spit on me or trip me up. The girls on the other hand, comment on my flaws. Like the ladder in my school tights I made by tripping in Science this morning. “Sexy ladder!” They’d laugh. Their harsh words would replay around in my head as if they were a stuck record.
I wish they knew how I feel. I’m a person with feelings. I wasn’t put on this earth to be used as a verbal punch bag. I just wish they would spare a thought for me and my feelings because if they were in my position, I’m sure they would feel like me… alone.

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5 thoughts on “Monologue:- The Girl Alone”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That was so good! And beautifully honest. x

  2. Ollys_Direction says:

    Thank you! Even though you read it before haha xx

  3. Ollys_Direction says:

    For the record, this is about a fictional character. I don’t wear skirts or tights. Ever. I dislike them so much, I wear trousers to school and refuse to wear a skirt if our new headteacher makes us wear them as the rumours are said. Ditto blazers. Anyway, I wrote this with experiences I’ve been through and ones my friends have been through,too…. just thought I’d say haha x

  4. Josie says:

    OMG Jaz da is soooooooo Lush 🙂

  5. Ollys_Direction says:

    Awww thank you Josie! Love you! xxx

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