Movie Makers Scoop Awards!

Services for Young People’s E3+ students in Rhondda CynonTaf have been showing off their movie making skills this month (Friday 5thMarch) at the Muni Arts Centre, Pontypridd and scooping top awards at the ZoomYoung Filmmakers Awards 2010.

The E3+ programme forms an integral part of the Council’snewly created Services for Young People department, which is dedicated toensuring young people in the County Borough are given the opportunities theyare entitled to and deserve.

The students from Bryn Celynnog Comprehensive School havebeen busy over the last few months working with Hugh Griffiths from Lilly padFilms, who runs filmmaking workshops with E3+ to create their own movies.

The students from Bryn Celynnog Comprehensive – Zoe Williamsyr 9, Tomos Gapper yr 11, Jade Williams yr 9, Josh Cole yr 9, Nicola Rodgers yr10, Lyndsey Rodgers yr 11, Ellie Herbert yr 9, Stephanie Railton yr 11, AlexKnill yr 11, Hannah Davies yr 9, Cerys Evans yr 9, Olivia Brooks yr 9, TaylorGardiner yr 7, and Daniel Malkin yr 11 set about creating an experimentalmurder mystery sci-fi horror, which was based on the stories written by twostudents Zoe Williams and Nicola Rodgers.

The budding movie makers named their film “The Mystery ofthe Forgotten Soul” and scooped the Best Fiction Film Award during theceremony. The students also scooped 2 awards back in 2009 for their Sci-fi filmBuzz! Buzz Buzz! in the Zoom Young Filmmakers Awards and the annual FilmFestival awards.

Nicola Rodgers aged 14 from Llantwit Fadre, who co-wrote thefilm and helped to create it, said: “E3+ is amazing and opportunities like thiswill really help us to get goodcareers in the media. We are all like one big family, it’s really good funmaking films and its amazing to win the award for the second year, especiallyas we are doing something we all love.”

Hugh Griffiths, E3+Film Workshop Tutor, said: “There’s not much to say really, as the filmsthey have produced more than speak for themselves. All that’s left to dois to fall to my knees and praise their creativity and enthusiasm, which is sorefreshing and encouraging. Through this programme the young people arebeginning to get a leg up in a highly competitive industry.

The studentstotally dedicated themselves to their film, producing some slamming work, andthey thoroughly deserve their awards. I always look forward to the E3+filmmaking sessions. With the kids’ boundless imagination and energy, I find iteasy to get caught up in the creative maelstrom and it is often hard to discernwho was the teacher and who was the pupil.”

Councillor Eudine Hanagan, Cabinet Member for Education,Skills and Lifelong Learning, said: “It’s really good to see young people doingso well in activities like this and winning awards! I am pleased that they areable to have the opportunity to be involved in filmmaking and the creativeindustries, which could open opportunities to allow them to follow this careerpath.  Well done!”

The film is also tipped to scoop another award at theSwansea Bay Film Festival later this year.

E3+ Film making sessions at Bryn Celynnog take place everyWednesday from 3.15pm until 5.15pm and are open to all students at the school.

If you would like to find out more about E3+ activitiestaking in place in your area or school call 01443 744010.


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