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Blogging has become very popular over the past few years. People, companies and even celebrities have entered the blogging world. Some are personal, others share passions and, well, the topics for blogs are endless.

Gemma is a 17 year old blogger from Rhondda Cynon Taff with a passion for fashion. If you’re stuck for an outfit for a high-profile event or just want to know the latest trends, Gemma is your gal.

Since she has such a great love for all things clothes and accessories, Gemma has created a blog to share her opinions, how to’s and just anything to do with the fashion world.

“I created this blog as a type of scrapbook to what I find interesting and unique in the world of fashion. I am seventeen and I LOVE topics such as art and design, D&T and media, so I thought to myself one boring rainy day ‘Why don’t I start a fashion blog?’ So I did.” says Gemma.

She covers a range of topics – from how to wear a certain item of clothing to outfit ideas and her own personal favourite looks that she likes to rock.

“I have always been inspired by my mother’s style (she’s a shopaholic) and I felt it was only right to showcase not only my favourite styles but my mother’s too! And yes I may be guilty to ‘borrowing’ my mother’s clothes from time to time.”

Gemma’s blog seems to be pretty popular and even has it’s own Facebook fanpage! Check her and her blogging antics out at

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