Oh My Gaga! Is It Really Gaga?

So, Easter Weekend is over and while everyone was eating their Easter eggs I on the other hand went to see the lovely Lady Gaga… LIVE at the Wales Millennium Centre!

Well, of course I didn’t, but I did get to see the Celebrity TV Judge and the World’s No1 Lady Gaga tribute, the wonderful Donna ‘Marie’ Trego from Grangetown, Cardiff.

What is a Tribute Act you may ask? A tribute act is a music group, singer, or musician who specifically plays the music of a well-known music act. In this case Donna tributes the multi award winning songstress, musician and A Star Is Born actress known as LADY GAGA! 

So on Saturday I was invited down to the Wales Millennium Centre to the Ffresh Cabaret Bar to watch Donna in her very own show called #MyGagaLife. The show was a trip down memory lane for Donna as she told us about her early years in life before she became what we know her as today!

The beginning of the show was amazing, a piano played with Donna walking in surprising everyone by singing an acoustic version of Applause. We then jumped straight where her life begun, and through-out the stories she included various songs and engaged with the audience by walking around.

During the Edge of Glory, she encouraged the audience to sing along and explained it was that song that played a huge part in how she begun her tributing act. One evening whilst at a gig in a Cardiff LGBTQ+ bar, she told us how she believed she could do a better job than the performer that night.

From there A Star Was Born.

Donna took a short break following this story and returned shortly afterwards in her Lady Gaga get up. During the Second half of the show she told stories about her tributing highlights and lowlights and how hectic it has become since starting her journey as Lady Gaga.

From Pride Cymru and St Davids Hall in Cardiff to performing in Azerbaijan. Amongst all this there was even a quick gig whilst coming off a helicopter while she was on holiday!

Most recently we’ve seen her grace our TV Screens as apart of the 100 in the BBC TV Show All Together Now where we see 100 singers put their singing ability to the test to win £50,000.

Soon again she will be touring with her new show A Star is Born This Way which will be hitting arenas and theatres around the UK, September this year. Wales dates are yet to be announced but do stay tuned!!

To buy tickets and to check out what’s on at the Wales Millennium Centre, click HERE.


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