Poem: Just Teenagers

It sort of drives me crazy when people judge us teenagers,
We’re going to groan and complain,
Fall in what we think is love and then be what we think is heartbroken,
We’re going to end up gossiping and arguing with people,
Rant about the most stupid things
and the smallest things may mean the world to us,
We will get mood swings and sometimes shut people out of our worlds.

We might end up saying things we don’t mean before thinking it though,
We might end up having a strop and falling out with our family and friends,
We might feel like we are worthless and completely unloved,
We might even feel like life is getting too much for us.

However, no matter what we feel you must remember something,
We are still teenagers- Still learning about who we are and just about life,
Just because we seem like stroppy, moody, ungrateful people,
But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate life and all that we have,
We just tend to feel all these different emotions and think a lot,
Even though it can just get a little bit too much for us
It doesn’t mean that we are always depressed and hate the world,
We’re learning, leaving our childhoods behind,
We are just teenagers after all.


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