Pontypridd High School & P.O.N.T Uganda

Mr S. Baldwin and Mrs J. Brencher were thrilled to receive notification from the British Council that Pontypridd High School has successfully obtained a significant sum (£6000) to develop links with our partner school Bubuto Secondary School in Uganda. This will benefit our pupils enormously impacting on a range of curriculum areas and extra curricular initiatives.

This partnership was identified in the recent inspection as an outstanding feature: Activities which help pupils to understand diversity are outstanding. An appreciation of the global community is developed through the highly effective Partnerships Overseas Networking Trust (PONT) initiative.
Two teachers from Bubuto Secondary School visited Pontypridd High School in July. They spent a few days observing a variety of different lessons, shared ideas and experiences with the staff and pupils and were given an International Friendship Award at the school’s Awards Ceremony.

Mrs Brencher and Mr Baldwin will be visiting Uganda in the autumn term. The support for this partnership has been crucial to its success and reflects our school’s strong community ethos that such enterprises develop.

Pupils arriving in year 7 have already experienced links with the P.O.N.T project through their primary schools and congratulations are due to the staff from our associate primary schools who recently travelled to Uganda with Mr Baldwin


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