Pontypridd High Students Question TikTok and Meta over app dangers

A group of Pontypridd students are trying to tackle social media platforms to improve the processes for reporting harmful content.

The young people put questions forward to the bosses of TikTok and meta with the help of Alex Davies-Jones MP.

Platforms said they listen to feedback from users and encourage them to make use of safety features.

Seventeen-year-old Isabelle said she sees a lot of body positive content on social media.

“There’s a lot of body positive things that go around now that never used to”

Pupils working on a project to improve online safety were given the chance to quiz tech giants at a virtual event.

“Young people feel it is very difficult to report and remove upsetting content. How can you make this process easier?” asked 13-year-old Brooke.

TikTok’s head of safety public policy in Europe, Alexandra Evans, said she thinks the platforms reporting mechanisms are “intuitive” but welcomes feedback from users on how they are struggling.

By Shelley Phelps

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