Pride In The Valleys & Other Pride News

So when I wrote this article it had been 25 days of Pride Month 2019, although we have a while yet until Pride Cymru 2019 (where you’ll catch me walking around in drag AGAIN this year) but celebrating Pride has hit me somewhere and that being where I live and being who I am…

So I have a story that ranges from 2016 where originally I came out to my friends as gay and then for two years I hid that. I kept telling everyone else; “Oh no, I’m straight. I like girls”, but eventually it all crumbles down. At the time I was also an Air Cadet and the struggles I faced being in Air Cadets ended up breaking me, I broke down.

But 2 years later, 18 years of age I find myself feeling happy finding a LGBTQ+ Group after attending Pride 2018. I finally found somewhere I could feel myself, although I still hid it from my parents. This is not even the end of the story.

I still felt being out in The Valleys was hard as there wasn’t a great ton of support and I just felt abandoned, but times have changed and I do feel that there is more LGBTQ+ support in RCT as of right now, with their very own LGBTQ+ group currently being set up as we speak.

Living here for around 20 years now *Ugh I’m Getting Old* I feel there should have been more LGBTQ+ Group meets rather than always having to head elsewhere to get that support and also learn new things about the community.

As time went on I was able to find myself, make new friends and get the support I needed through this group that I attend in Cardiff in Cathays Community Centre called Impact, we meet every Tuesday at 5pm till 7pm.

Please leave a comment below if you’d like more information on Impact!



UKRAINE hosted it’s biggest ever pride Parade in Kiev.

Credit: Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg

FIRST PRIDE PARADE held in the city Amritsar, India.

Credit: Times of India

ICELAND adds third gender option and strengthens trans rights in unanimous vote.

Pride Cymru Turns 20 This Year!


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