Recent News For Mountain Ash Cluster

During the Easter half term as a ‘cluster team’ Mountain Ash came together with all organisations to support and staff activities for the young people of the area.

The trips included Swimming at LC2 in Swansea and Paintballing at Task Force with both days seeming to be a success, more so the paintballing trips. Maybe it was due to the fact the young people got to shoot the staff!?

The young people also to their amazement got to see a famous Welsh Sports star on the swimming trip which was none other than Shane Williams! who was happy to sign autographs and pose for photos with the Young people from Mountain Ash.

As for the paintballing all young people had an awesome time and played the games sensibly throughout the day although I thought the staff were the sharp shooters ha. WELL DONE YOUNG PEOPLE OF MOUNTAIN ASH!


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