School Cluster Workers. Who are they?

Making the transition from junior to secondary school is scary and young people felt more needed to be done to ensure the leap to “big” school was not as daunting as it can so often be.

But, did you know, school clusters have dedicated workers who spend their time strengthening the links between secondary and junior schools and the wider community?

These specialist officers are committed to working to bring schools closer together, running initiatives such as transition days where younger pupils spend time in the secondary school they are due to attend, intergenerational schemes, working with the community, celebrating local history and heritage and more.

The aim of the Community-Focussed School Cluster Workers is to celebrate the community and bring it together. They also work closely with the E3+ coordinators to create provision and engagement.

Find out more about your Community-Focussed School Cluster Worker and the initiatives they are delivering, which you can get involved in, by contacting your local secondary school headteacher.

Not all school clusters have Community-Focussed workers, but it is hoped the scheme will be rolled out.

Here they are:

Denise Gibbins Porth County Community School and its cluster
Sian McGrath Aberdare High and its cluster
Kim Willis Tonyrefail Comprehensive and its cluster
Jacqui Jones Tonypandy Community College and its cluster
Lindsay Spacey Pontypridd High and its cluster
Nadine Reeves Y Pant and its cluster
Rachel Blackey Treorchy Comprehensive and its cluster
Sheryl Husband Ferndale Community Comprehensive and its cluster
Laura Banyard Hawthorn High and its cluster
Kimberley McKenzie Brycelynnog Comprehensive and its cluster
Wendy Morgan Blaengwawr Comprehensive and its cluster
Lucy Lloyd YG Rhydywaun and YG Y Cymer and its cluster
Andrea Davies Cardinal Newman and its cluster


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