Supernatural Friendship: Part 5

“Sorry about what?” Juliet asked trying to concentrate on what he just said “Jamile?”
“I’m a monster….” he started.
“So am I” Juliet Interrupted, but he ran so fast that she didn’t notice what was going on until she was against a tree with his hand covering her mouth.
“Not like me, Zara was telling the truth when she said vampires only think about themselves.”
“But….your family”
“We are safer in Covens but if one is in trouble we leave them. There were six of us, our youngest sister Fiona, someone realised what she was and we gave her up, chained her to a tree and ran.”
Juliet couldn’t believe what she was hearing, Jamile would never, but he had a point, what she knew about vampires was what she was taught. They were evil monsters in human form that fed off the blood of innocent people. But Jamile saved her and he said he loved her. “Jamile, I always had a crush on you, but I’m sorry it’s not more than that”.
Jamile nodded and disappeared. Juliet walked back to the school hoping Zara was gone and that she hadn’t killed Katryne.
When she got back she noticed that Katryne was sitting on the bed holding an ice bag to her head, next to the bed wrapped in chains was Zara who looked like she was fighting tears. “Katryne? Why is Zara tied up?”
“I don’t want to be a snack” was all Katryne said.
“Don’t worry, I don’t like junk food” Zara replied.
Katryne spoke again “Bite Me”.
Zara smiled “Are you offering?”
Juliet walked up to Zara and said “Why did you stay? Did you want to finish the job?”
“I knew my brother would leave you wherever he took you and you would come back, but no, I want to apologise and I want to come to this school. I told your witchy friend here but she used her little mind tricks on me and knocked me out”.
“Apology accepted, you’re my friend, and you were scared, I would never tell anyone and neither will Katryne” Juliet said and Katryne groaned. “Let’s see if we can get you into school.”

After talking to the head mistress and Zara using her mind powers, Zara went home to pack and was back in less than a minute. Each room had four beds, and Juliet met her other room mate a human named Diana (Who had been out for the past week) and Zara joined the room (Katryne was not happy about that).
“Hi” said Diana to Zara and Juliet. Diana was skinny and tall, her hair was dyed blonde and she had shelves full of romantic vampire books (That annoyed Zara). Zara had to find a way of sleeping at night and Zara and Katryne had to learn to get along to help Juliet during full moons. Not an easy thing to do.

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