The Lego Movie: The Second Movie – Movie Review


The story is based around a new threat… THE LEGO DUPLOS! They have invaded and plan to destroy everything. The battle to defeat the enemy and restore harmony lies with Lucy, Batman and the rest of their friends. It takes them to faraway, unexplored worlds that test their courage and creativity.


The writing and direction really stood out for me, there is practically nothing wrong with it. The humans were integrated flawlessly within the plot, which seemed rock solid.

It was very nice to see the characters on the big screen again. Emmet is my favourite as he’s always happy but Wyldstyle, Batman, Princess Unikitty etc are all good and likeable characters as they still kept their charm from the first movie.

One thing for sure is that the soundtrack will get stuck in your head, no questions about it. It’s very catchy, I must have listened to it at least four times since watching the movie, it’s simple but I love it.

The pacing of the movie remains excellent through-out, same as the first because of the funny gags, wild cameo voices and nerdy references to other movies, even though the whole wedding story arc wasn’t my cup of tea.

It’s a fast moving movie which never left me bored, however when it did slow down towards the end it still didn’t leave me checking my phone (which is a surprise).

The animation is gorgeous. I always find the Lego movies gorgeous and colourful and this is another one that doesn’t fail to impress.  It’s colourful with it’s characters, scenery and animation.

Alongside all of this, the vocal performances are great. Chris Pratt does fantastic as the double duty, the loveable doof Emmett and the steely courageous Rex Dangervest. Elizabeth Banks is just as compelling as Wyldstyle, while Will Arnett’s Batman improves once more. Tiffany Hardish, not my favourite but plays her part as Queen Watevra Wanabi.

The action is fun and it shows through-out the entire movie. The jokes always had me laughing until I saw Batman flossing but it’s a movie aimed at a young audience so I overlook it.

The story is a bit predictable but it had a nice message to it and it kept me engaged. The first Lego Movie had a great story also so I was very pleased to see this pick up nicely where that left off. I am happy that the movie definitely lived up to it’s potential.


The new personalities were not too interesting, I couldn’t really care for the new characters like Rex, the film could have done without them. They didn’t really add anything productive to the story.

It lacks some of the originality and just a tiny bit of heart from the first film but it was always going to be hard to be better than the first as it’s one of the best animation films of the decade.

I wanted more. I did not like the trailer originally as it didn’t appeal to me so I was sceptical of actually going to see it. I wanted more big moments in the movie, but saying that I was happy with what I was given I just wanted that little bit more.

The human world like I mentioned before was almost flawless but the story did rely a bit too much on them, took your attention away from the main part of the film… LEGO!


The Lego Movie: The Second Part is a worthy sequel but doesn’t live up to it’s predecessor. Still scores very respectfully.


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