The Light – A White Ribbon Poem by J L Allen

A White Ribbon Poem by J L Allen

Voices, voices
The cornerstone of us,
And though men speak the loudest,
Some speak with vulgar and distrust.

Actions, actions,
They make us who we are,
But when men do the damage,
There’s a woman afraid to show a scar.

Afraid to go … too scared to stay,
She swore that she could fix you,
She bore the brunt of anger, 
With the hope that she might reach you.

Appeal to your better nature,
Find the kindness within your soul,
She dug until she buried herself,
With the ultimate and final goal.

To help you find your inner self,
The kind and gentle man,
The could love/be loved and be himself,
Without it taking the final toll.

The took the hits and words so cruel,
Accepted vitriol and fear,
But for all the things that you’ve thrown at her,
It should be HER that YOU should fear.

For she’s a force of her own,
A pillar of stone, 
To endure this hard cold road. 

But even the strongest one, 
When all’s said and done,
Will begin to crumble and erode.

For she bears this toughest challenge,
For she fears that she can’t win,
But for this she is mistaken;
Hidden behind her painted grin.

Is a warrior and a woman,
A person deserving of good fate,
Someone who is deserving,
Of love without the hate.

So let’s all stand together,
Fight for that warrior inside,
You’ve faced the worst of your demons,
And you shouldn’t have to hide.

For darkness is only darkness,
When there’s an absense of light,
And right now as we stand together,
I’ve never seen anything shine so bright. 


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