The Wicidest Nan In Town As Seen in Ponty’s Big Weekend

Hello young people of RCT,

I’m the Wicid Nan, I’m no ordinary nan, I am Wicid and with my age has come bags of experience and wisdom. I pop up on the site from time to time and offer tips, advice and comments on what you write!

I can do a perfect rendition of “Knights of Cydonia” on expert level! So impressed were Muse, that they invited me onstage at Glastonbury! (but then the Edge turned up and stole my thunder…)

Im also a big fan of supercars… my secret is that I am the Stig’s stunt driver!

I am also here to answer your questions on absolutely anything and everything, from IT questions to relationship advice and anything that bothers you! If i dont know the answer I know someone who does!

Young people of RCT you are not alone – the Wicid Nan is always here for you!

If you have a problem/question that you would like some advice on, why not share it with the Wicid Nan? You can ask anything that you would like other Wicid users to help you with. The Wicid website community is made up of a very diverse mix of 11-25 year olds from all over Rhondda Cynon Taf , as well as loads of local organisations and health professionals that are there to help you. So if you have a question that you’d like to ask, just submit HERE

Check out just how WICID I can be in the video uploads – Rock on Young People of RCT!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wicid nan you rock!
    I love the video btw!

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