The YEPS Young Editors Team

The YEPS Young Editors Team

The YEPS Young Team is a new team run by Young People, for Young People. It aims to make YEPS’ social media presence more engaging for young people and to involve those young people in all aspects of this process, both behind and in front of the cameras and mics and we’ll help each other wherever we can.  


Our team focuses on creating fun and engaging content FOR YOU, for our social media platforms as well as our soon to be renovated YouTube Channel of which we have SO MUCH planned for. We want to also help other young people like us get into working on creative media, which can help the members of our team with getting jobs in something we are passionate about. 


We working on a good few projects even as I type, as of August 2021, we’ve been running a radio show in partnership with GTFM (more information on that can be found at the bottom of this article) we are also in the process of editing a podcast to go live across all our social medias; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as the aforementioned YouTube Channel which we are REALLY looking forward to you hearing, and EVEN an interview with YEPS’ amazing apprentices who work tirelessly. 


We’ve got bucket loads of projects coming in the future too, some of our favourites are; a debate over McDonalds and other fast food (don’t ask, it’s a long story), a trip to Cardiff Comic-Con with some vlogging and the WHOLE TEAM in cosplay, the teams resident cosplayer will be overworked for that and a secret project only this editor knows ANYTHING about. We also hope to work more closely with YEPS TV to cross-promote content.


So, that covers what we do. If you’d like to hear the radio show, tune in to GTFM every Sunday at 7pm (tune in here: 107.9FM / 107.1FM / 100.7FM / GTFM App / online @ / Smart speakers / TuneIn app). All our socials are @yepsrct across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where you can suggest content ideas via DM’s to those platforms. And last but not least, if you’d like to get involved with the team, then E-Mail Allyn: or message those socials. 

Let’s end this in true Young Editors fashion; If you’re a guy, a gal, a non-binary pal or anyone in-between, take it easy. Oh, and don’t just have a good rest of your day, have a great rest of your day. PEACE OUT.


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