Tom Gates: Live @ New Theatre, Cardiff

On Wednesday 24th April, I was invited down to the New Theatre in Cardiff to review Tom Gates: Live on Stage.

Let’s start by saying, everything about the show blew me away… All the cast did an exceptional job, they were just brilliant. Being a big fan of the book series, it was great to see that the costumes used were just as they describe in the books!


The story itself is about Tom Gates and his life. In the first part of the story, we meet Tom as he struggles to stay on the teacher’s good side in school. With the school trip coming up, Tom is on his last warning, one more lateness or forgetting his homework again and he won’t be allowed to go on the school trip to the BISCUIT FACTORY!

Although Tom is on his last warning his teacher gives him and some others from his class, Amy, Marcus, Norman and Derek a leaflet to go and draw on the Doodle Wall, which is a wall which you can doodle on obviously. This is where we find out about Tom’s love for drawing, however, Tom and his classmates end up going to and drawing on the wrong wall!! His dad takes him to the wrong place!!

This leads to a whole host of confusion with the police getting involved, his father NEARLY getting arrested and eventually Tom going on his school trip with a big surprise at the end. I won’t spoil it too much as you can still read the book and find out exactly how it ended!


The setup of the stage was out of this world, nothing like I’ve seen before! There was this type of projection on the walls which made it feel like we were in the book. There were doors that opened and closed that also had projections on so I hope the photos kindly provided to by theNew Theatredo the stage justice!

Even my father was shocked that it looked so cool. The stage team done a great job, they deserve a cookie!


In conclusion, if you like Tom Gates books then you will like this show! If you were unlucky to miss the show then please check out the other show’s available at the New Theatre, Cardiff.

The cast was as follows:

  • Tom Gates – Matthew Chase
  • Derek / Grandad – Matthew Gordon
  • Marcus Meldrew / Granny – Ashley Cousins
  • Amy Porter / Delia – Amy Hargreaves
  • Dad / Mr Fullerman – Daniel Harkin
  • Mum – Alice Redmond
  • Norman – Justin Davies
  • Lady – Ebony Wong

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