Tonyrefail All Stars Volunteering Night – Part 2

Ooooooh, there were so many photos taken about the All stars Award Night in Tonyrefail celebrating the volunteering over the last year I had (literally!) to put in a SECOND posting!!! What a fab night!!!!! I have more photos for you, including two with councilors Eudine Hanagan and Bob McDonald handing out awards. I also have two statements from young people about the night:

“It was a good night, and I really enjoyed it. I did not know I was going to receive the Young Volunteers Award, and I was pleased and very chuffed.”

“It was good, and I also enjoyed the evening. I thought the night went well. It was well presented, and I think everyone enjoyed it.”
– Rebecca

There is a lovely photo in my first post with Amy receiving her award , but here are more photos of the evening…and yes, the young people who attended the evening were brilliant as usual. Ladies, without you, the evening would not have been so fab!!! You all made Tonyrefail (and Rhian) very PROUD!

Yes, and if I can get some conversion software to convert from Mac to Windows formats, I will also be posting some videos about the night…we had Karaoke…

And thank you to all who made me feel very welcome

Well done to all



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