Ty Gwyn Remembrance Day 2021

Check out this range of classroom displays, activities, artwork and poetry completed by Key Stage 3 and 4 at Ty Gwyn Education Centre!

Da iawn pawb!

Blinding sky

“I saw the bombs drop, like boulders from the sky.
Feeling the vibrations as they hit the ground,
Staring in horror as I was blinded by the light,
Shocked as the shells flew, men turned to dust before my eyes.
And if I had survived that night
I knew that I would never-more fight,
Seeing the shock in their eyes, was I the only one?
I knew that war would never prosper,
Not under this sun of mine, high up in the blinding sky.
At war for a reason unknown,
Made behind closed doors,
But however rampant this war may rage,
All’s fair in love and war.”

Dylan McCarthy
Year 9 Ty Gwyn Education Centre


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