What’s been going on in Y Pant Cluster?

Written by Detached Youthworkers – Hannah Godwin and Liam Way

Y Pant cluster

* Whilst working detached in the cluster we have consulted with many groups of young people about what they would like to participate in, in the summer holidays. Horse riding & care has been approved for funding in the summer programme which was one of many activities the young people were interested in taking part.

* We have also recently started mentoring sessions in Y Pant Comprehensive where we have engaged with many of the young people outside of School while working detached.

* We have also recently finished supporting the young people in Year 11 in YG Llanharri on the RT Training programme the young people will now gain certificates and vouchers of their choice to the value of £100.

* We are currently reviewing the ‘Building Friendships’ project that we have been delivering in YG Llanhari with Year 7 & 8 pupils, which has been focused on team building skills and communication skills. The reviewing of the project will be between myself, Liam Way, Anne Dawson (support worker for YG Llanhari) and the heads of each year.

* We recently attended a partner organisations day in YG Llanharri where all partner organisations were invited to the school to discuss their roles and where best we can benefit the young people within the cluster area.

* We are in the process of setting up a training programme for NEETS within the cluster that we have engaged with through our Detached work, the programme is called Luis Michael and they offer training to anyone aged 16 and over including the following:

Skills Development – Preparing 16-18-year-olds for entering employment

Lifelong Learning – Preparing 19+ for employment up skilling the workforce

Industry Specific – Apprenticeships to prepare people for working within the Sport and Leisure environment.

Brynna log circle project the young people of Brynna took part in repairing the log circle that is in Brynna woods and that had been damaged, the YP worked with the detached youth workers, Ryan Parry of Rhondda Housing, the local councillor, Local police and PCSO’s to repair the woods area. The young people continue to look after the area and regularly use the seated log circle to hang around with their friends.


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