East 2 – Ice-skating

To book, click: “Add to Basket” on your chosen activities, but don’t forget to confirm your booking by clicking “Confirm/Book Now”.

Ensure you have your parent/carer’s e-mail address or mobile number available, as they will then need to reply to the text/e-mail they receive from us with a completed consent form.

Your space on the activity won’t be 100% confirmed until the consent form is returned.

Please note: activities are subject to change at any time.

If you have any queries, please contact your YEPS Worker.

Holiday Provision

It’s a magical time of year, perfect to head to a Winter Wonderland (A.K.A, Cardiff!)

Bus will pick-up from:
Cynon Valley Indoor Bowls Centre – 4.45pm
Fernhill Train Station – 4.50pm
Darran Las Community Building – 5pm
Pontypridd High School – 5.20pm

We aim to return to the pick-up points at the following times:

Pontypridd High School – 9pm
Darran Las Community Building – 9.20pm
Fernhill Train Station – 9.30pm
Cynon Valley Indoor Bowls Centre – 9.35pm

*Young people will need to make their own transport arrangements to-and-from the bus pick-up points.

Please dress accordingly. We recommend wearing two pairs of socks or thick bed socks, as well as a change of socks for after Skating. Please dress in warm clothes that still allow you to move comfortably.

There are food/drink vendors on-site if you wish to bring some pocket money for drinks/snacks. They are quite expensive, so you may wish to bring snacks/drinks with you.