When A Song Sticks To You

Ever had that moment where you’re listening to a song on the radio or on the television and you don’t think much of it until BAM, a lyric hits you? 

Yeah. Me too. 

Sometimes in can be very inspirational, other times a little scary as if the artist is stalking me because it describes my life so well!

For me, that’s how I choose the artists I like. As you can probably tell from my username, I love Miley Cyrus. Not for her fame, but what she writes. If you listen to it, you may understand. Then again, you may not, depending how you listen to songs. 

Anyway, when she first started out, she sang a song called “I Miss You” about her grandfather, and it just hit me because my grandad had passed away too and I sang at his funeral, so it brought back memories. Over the years, she wrote a lot that I can relate to.

A song can also connect you to someone really close. My friend lost someone very special and their song was Chasing Cars. When she told me what the song means to her, I was really touched. it’s now a special song to me, too.

Don’t judge a songs lyrics unless you know what the artist’s past was when they wrote this song. It may very well connect to you somehow.

I hope this makes you think about songs more. Next time you listen to a song, try really listening to it. The artist means something by it.

If you have a special song that means something to you, comment below!

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