Why do you think discrimination against people in the LGBT community is acceptable?


Imagine if you were in the situation of being bullied because of your sexuality. You get called names every day, get isolated from being around people, get pushed around and end up crying over it all the time. Imagine if you had to go through this type of atrocity every day wishing you didn’t come out with your sexuality and having all these hurtful words going through your head with all the negative feelings building up more and more burning up inside. You sit there wishing you weren’t here, wishing you could be left alone and treated the same. Imagine actually being in this situation. What would you do? What if you saw someone going through this like you are , what would you do to help them? Do you find it fair that people go through this and feel like they have nobody apart from other people the same as them? A staggering 13% of youths aged 18-24 that are apart of the LGBT community attempt suicide each year.


Personally, I have experienced the bullying for being bi sexual. I have experienced the pain and all the hurt from it. This has made me feel like people are against me for who I like and I have the thoughts of being alone and not being able to have anyone to talk to if I need help or feel like I need someone the most. I try to ignore it but it comes to the point where I just can’t but I’ve still got to try which don’t always 100% work but as soon as I get home I let out all my tears from all the hate I have dealt with each day. Knowing I have hate of people and not everyone can accept my sexuality I get the thought like I should never be this way running through my head. I ask myself sometimes ‘’Why do I have to be this way, why couldn’t I just be straight?’’ I have had people calling me names such as greedy, faggot, disgrace and many more other hurtful names. I wish sometimes I hadn’t come out with who I am as I have also had friends that have slowly walked away or just left straight away, leaving me alone. I think back after questioning “why do I have to be this way” that I am who I am and I am no different so to get judged and bullied is wrong. I don’t ask to be treated this way it’s just the way people are.


Why do you think that discriminating is acceptable? 50% of bullying is about gay issues and it shouldn’t be. Being gay, lesbian, bi sexual or any other sexuality should not matter. Your sexuality is not a choice. It’s who you are. Did those of you who are straight choose to be that way? No you didn’t its just who you are. 40% of LGBT people suffer from cyber bullying.


Why do people have to get bullied for it? Nobody is different we are all the same and all still human. There is no difference at all. Each and everyone one of us in the LGBT community need your help to stop discrimination. Equality should apply to everyone around the world because nobody deserves to be treated unfairly and nobody deserves to be bullied. People who judge others for their sexuality is wrong if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.


Everyone has the right to live how they want to live and be who they want to be. Why does it matter to us? As long as people are happy with who they are and are proud of who they are let them live their lives without discriminating them. Nobody should get hate for who they are because everyone is their own person. If they are not harming you or doing anything wrong why can’t you get on with your own lives and just worry about yourselves.


Would you like it if you got bullied and had people discriminating you? Probably not so take a step back and think about What you would do about it and How it would make you feel to be bullied for just being you. Bullying someone for who they are, is the cause of depression, pain, death and upset. Being gay is not a choice but discriminating is.

Rhianydd Briggs x

2 thoughts on “Why do you think discrimination against people in the LGBT community is acceptable?”

  1. Lillie Mulligan-Inglis says:

    Im pansexual and this is how I kinda feel. This is so powerful and amazing, keep being you and never give up on urself

  2. Rhianydd briggs says:

    thank you Lillie 🙂


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