How Will Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who Be Remembered?

One Doctor has left the iconic blue police box and another one has entered to begin a new era for the 54-year-old television show Doctor Who. Peter Capaldi’s tenure as the Doctor ended at Christmas and now is the perfect time to reflect on how the 12th Doctor’s tardis tenure will be remembered.

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Capaldi’s Doctor received a large amount of criticism at first for 2 main reasons – many people believed that he was too old to be the Doctor and thought that the character should be a young, handsome hero. Another criticism was that he was too serious and scary for younger viewers. At the time, I wanted a much more serious Doctor because I believed that Matt Smith’s Doctor was too comedic. Capaldi certainly didn’t deserve this criticism because his Doctor was mainly brilliant and justified his appointment.

Capaldi acted like a role model to thousands of children and even adults. In an unpleasant world, the Doctor’s wise words inspired millions of people that kindness and hope are better than selfishness and greed. He showed this, mainly, through his fabulous speeches. The 12th Doctor will be remembered for years by fans for his anti-war, anti-racism and pro-kindness monologues. In my opinion, he was often better and spoke more eloquently than many of the most powerful politicians in the world at the moment.

However, the main thing that let the 12th Doctor down and hindered his performance was the writing. During his first couple of seasons, his character was very inconsistent. Sometimes he was written as a light hearted-mad character and at other times he was a dark-rebel character. I believe that somewhere in between those polar opposites is what Peter Capaldi’s Doctor should be.

No actor has ever put the energy, effort, and enthusiasm into the Doctor’s role as Peter Capaldi did. He always had time for fans and had opinions on how the story should be. I managed to get a selfie with him in Cardiff a few years ago. Capaldi never gave a bad performance as the Doctor and brought so much life in great and not-so-great episodes. I never believed he was anything other than THE Doctor when he was on TV.

The 12th Doctor has been one of my favourite incarnations of the Doctor and one of my favourite characters on television because of his true hero vibe. He showed kindness and goodness in every tough situation, which is a powerful message to fans and viewers. Capaldi will be remembered for his infectious energy and effort in the iconic role of the Time Lord.

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