You’re Not Alone

You’re Not Alone

Over the last 4 years I’ve struggled with my mental health. During this time, I have self-harmed and had suicidal thoughts which led to me to struggle daily. I started to lose interest in football and saw my friends less and less as time went on. I shut everyone off.


The only ones who knew about this were my two best friends who were with me through it all. In January last year my mental health reached an all-time low and I thought about ending it. My best friends could tell that I wasn’t right, and they encouraged me to tell my parents about how I was feeling and to seek help – or else they would. It was so hard to tell them, but I knew it had to be done.


One night I broke down and told them everything. They were so caring and worried about me that my mum contacted CAMHS right away. A week after I broke down, my uncle passed away, and as you can imagine, I was destroyed.  The following week, the Nation was put into lockdown. Through lockdown I struggled every day as I would normally use school, work, football, babysitting, volunteering and youth club to be my freedom, but it all got taken away.


I started receiving counselling and quickly realised the most helpful thing to overcome how I felt was by TALKING to someone. I started to talk to a teacher that I knew well and the youth workers which helped loads as they were always there for a chat. Since the lockdown my counselling has finished, I’m back playing football and have returned to work and school. The past year has been a roller coaster from ups and downs – from the lowest point of my life to the happiest I have been.


Looking back nearly a year later. I’m stronger mentally and emotionally. I couldn’t have done it without the YEPS workers, family, friends, football teammates and teachers. Back then I thought no one was there and that I was on my own. However, TALKING to someone made me feel like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. As much as you might think you’re on your own – you aren’t!


There is always someone there for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone to shout, scream, cry, or talk to. There are always people waiting to pick you up when you fall and make you a stronger person. If I put a £1 in a jar every time I’ve hit rock bottom this year, I would be a millionaire! Now I use my past struggles to motivate me and always try to stay positive about life. I was so nervous going into the second national lockdown after I had struggled with the first lockdown so bad. However, with the amazing work form the youth workers, I was able to get through it!


They might have a laugh and joke, but they are the best people to go to for help – even if you think it’s for the stupidest thing. I’ve walked into Andrew’s office complaining about the littlest thing on countless occasions, but he always reassures me and makes sure that I’m happy. Even though Kelsey and Cheryl don’t work at my school, they are always willing to help and never fail to cheer me up. I hope that by reading this you would have learnt two things….


Don’t be afraid to speak up.

You are never alone.


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