MYP Election 2021

Members of Youth Parliament represent the voices of young people living in their area at national events to make positive changes to the future of young people.

Here are this year’s candidates to become RCT’s Member of Youth Parliament. Each candidate has provided an overview of why they’d like to become an MYP and the causes they are passionate about below. Please vote for your preferred candidate at the bottom of the page!

Leo Lanciotti 

“I would like to have the role of Member of Youth Parliament and representative for the Rhondda Cynon Taf as I am a hard worker and love listening to the feedback of my peers. I want to make RCT a more inclusive and welcoming community and hope that this will be one of the ways to achieve this. I am currently in the Sea Cadet Corps, and so I use this to build up my maturity and leadership abilities and want to be a role model in the community.”

Leo’s priorities:

  • Increasing the number of after-school clubs
  • Promoting an inclusive community
  • Supporting young people’s mental health and well-being


Sienna Dutfield 

“I have a deep connection with the community and I wish to see the people prosper. I care about the well-being of my friends, family, and the other inhabitants who don’t just deserve the bare minimum. Giving my peers a voice is especially important to me as there are clearly many issues to address. I would like to share the insight i have to those who don’t know the reality of my world and make a change, however small, and play my part in creating a brighter future.”

Sienna’s priorities:

  • Improving community facilities
  • Crime reduction / prevention
  • Creating more spaces for young people
  • Supporting young people’s mental health and well-being


Carys-Megan James 

“I would like to be considered for this role because I want to contribute as much as I can to making the RCT a better place. I care about what everyone has to say and I want to be the way in which people can make their concerns or suggestions heard. I have experience in this area as I was chosen as head girl of my school and I believe I am suitable to these roles! I’m able to effectively make reasonable decisions to suit people’s concerns and I hope I can do that for the young people of RCT through this role.”
Carys-Megan’s priorities:                                                       
  • Develop personalised mental health resources for young people
  • Supporting minority groups in RCT
  • Tackling anti-social behaviour
  • Making communities more Eco-friendly


Lowri Ellen Rutledge 


“I would like to be considered to become a member of the youth parliament as I wish to make a change. I believe the voices of younger generations should be heard. I feel people are able to confide in me and express their opinions. The area we live in is beautiful and needs to be preserved so that future generations can be proud of where they live. I would love the opportunity to represent the youth of Wales as I’m a strong believer that we have the right to raise and express our opinions and concerns.”

Lowri’s priorities:                                                                         

  • Promoting cleaner communities and reducing littering
  • Increasing the number of youth clubs that are available in RCT
  • Raising awareness of climate change and pollution
  • Creating more opportunities for young people to express their views





*Please note that the closing date for voting is December 3rd 2021*