County Youth Forum

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Your opportunity to represent young people living in Rhondda Cynon Taf!

Our Role

The role of the County Youth Forum is to provide young people in RCT a platform to express their views, make changes to their communities and take responsibility for the decisions that affect their lives.

Who Are We?

The forum is made up of young people from schools, colleges, local communities and special interest groups who represent the diverse culture we have in RCT. Designated roles are outlined below:

Chair – Oliver Hopkins
Secretary – Kaitlyn Bury
Members of Youth Parliament – Dylan Lewis-Rowlands & Kaitlyn Bury
School Council Representatives
Rhondda Youth Forum Representatives
Cynon Youth Forum Representatives
Taff Youth Forum Representatives

What We Do
  • Create a direct link between young people and the people who make decisions locally and nationally
  • Act on issues that are important to young people by working on a range of projects
  • Represent the views of young people in local and national surveys/consultations
Our Current Projects:

Mental Health video resource
LGBT Handbook

If you’d like to join the County Youth Forum or want to find out other ways to get involved, please contact Andrew Burrows on 07887450750