Service Children Support

If you are a Service Child (pupil) who lives in RCT, on this page you can find information about the support our HM Forces Engagement Support Officer can offer. 

What is a HM Forces Engagement Support Officer?

The main aim of the service is to identify and provide additional support if needed to service children (pupils) who live in RCT.

This can include:

  • Supporting with the impact of a parent’s military life on their education.
  • Provide training to other services to highlight the educational and wellbeing needs of pupils from Service families.
  • Ensure ongoing engagement for service children with education and out of school learning opportunities/activities.
  • Where appropriate, support service children to overcome the impact of deployment or mobility.
Who is the HM Forces Engagement Support Officer in RCT?

Jason Hurford

If you’d like to find out what support is available to you or if you’d like more information, please contact Jason Hurford on 01443 281436.