Youth Work Excellence Awards 2024

Two of YEPS projects were shortlisted as finalists at the National Youth Work Excellence Awards, which took place in Llandudno on February 22. This nomination is in recognition of the hard work of our community’s youth as well as YEPS staff who ensure that the young people can access high-quality, useful, and engaging activities. The two shortlisted projects include the creation of animations which champion for mental health awareness and raising awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and history through a series of projects that highlight LGBTQ+ stories.

I am immensely proud of the young individuals that are part of the Council’s YEPS for their tireless efforts and creativity to champion both mental health awareness and LGBTQ+ inclusion as part of these projects.
“The young people, and members of staff, that were involved in both excellent initiatives have set the precedence for youth-based work in our community, and it is fantastic to see their endeavours recognised by being nominated for two awards as part of the National Youth Work Excellence Awards 2024.
“The dedication displayed through these fantastic projects is truly in line with RCT Council’s aims and values. I hope to see our young people continue to work hard to make positive changes and work towards creating a more inclusive and compassionate community.”

Cllr. Rhys Lewis, Cabinet Member for Education, Youth Participation & Welsh Language at RCT Council

Project 1: Digital Innovation Award – Mental Health Animation Project

The young people at YEPS were finalists for the Digital Innovation Award at the Youth Excellence Awards 2024 for their Mental Health Animation project.

Young individuals who are part of YEPS mental health forum took a bold step toward destigmatising mental health issues and inform their peers of the importance of talking openly about mental health. The young people led a project that produced an animation and additional digital content to raise awareness about topics such as gender identity, body image, bullying, and anxiety.


The project has positively impacted YEPS young people in a variety of ways. Those who participated have upskilled their mental health awareness and have created something to be proud of. Following the premiere of the animation, the young people were asked to discuss their findings with Estyn to inform them about the completed work and how they have been involved in influencing and informing strategic developments across the Council. The animation will soon reach schools, supported by the lesson plans that have been developed by these talented youth.

Project 2: Equality and Diversity Forum

Cynon Youth Forum were shortlisted as finalists for the Equality and Diversity in a Youth Work Setting Award at the Youth Work Excellence Awards 2024. 

The Cynon Youth Forum are an inspiring, dedicated, and passionate group of young people who meet on a weekly and monthly basis and have been involved with numerous inspirational projects that have made an important contribution to the Cynon Valley. These young people have innovative ideas and that have created powerful projects with the aim to build a better society for tomorrow. The forum is outstanding at listening to issues within their community as well as the wider community and acting on these issues.

The Cynon Youth Forum have championed equality and diversity through their support of the LGBTQ+ community, through true acts of heroism! All forum members have become empowered advocates ready to inspire their peers and adults.


The young people in the forum have inspired other young people to feel like they belong, and this is especially important to the LGBTQ+ community, ‘as it can be quite scary growing up in a world where you feel different to other people.’

Take a look at some of their completed projects:
Cynon Youth Forum – YEPS


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