Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024

Neurodiversity Celebration Week is a global celebration of neurodiverse individuals that aims to raise awareness of, and challenge stereotypes about, a range of neurodevelopment and learning disabilities. 

We set up our Neurodiversity Youth Forum in September 2023. The Forum consists of twelve amazing and unique young people aged 12-24 years who are up for the challenge of promoting positive change. 

Through project work and events, the forum aims to:

  • Empower ND young people to celebrate their neurodivergence
  • Support Forum members to explore their own understanding of how ND impacts on their life and identify the support they need
  • Challenge the stereotypes and prejudice surrounding ND to the wider community
  • Educate young people about neurodiversity
  • Promote awareness of neurodiversity across multiple platforms

The forum will be officially launched during the Neurodiversity Celebration Week with an exciting project supporting young people’s sensory needs. Forum members have designed and produced sensory boxes and filled them with a wide variety of fidget toys which can be used by all the young people attending any of our youth clubs across RCT. Fidget toys are a fantastic tool which can be used to reduce anxiety and stress and increase focus.

Forum members will accompany staff to youth clubs to deliver the boxes, explain the resources and promote the importance of recognising your own individual sensory needs.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, you’re accepted here.”

“It’s fun and happy, this is the best place.”

Members of the Neurodiversity Youth Forum


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